Larry Fisher is an expert craftsman and has been working with wood for over 30 years. Larry has taken on the sole responsibility of restoring most of the original structures at Hill Farm.

Larry focuses on lamps, wooden vessels, boxes and small wooden pieces. What makes Hill Farm's woodworking unique is the traditional method which is used to produce Larry's lamps and woodworking. While it may be tempting to upgrade to larger, faster, and more technical machinery, Larry still uses tried and true methods and tools to create each piece by hand. 

What makes Larry’s work unique is the care and thought he puts in to every part of the project from wood selection to choice and balance of the parts and the final construction of the object.




 Larry Fisher is a craftsman who has spent his whole life working with his hands. Totally self-taught, he grew up learning the building trades from the inside out as he worked on the construction of houses and other building projects.


Our home, Hill Farm, was on the first census in Maryland in 1797, and Larry's building skills have not only rejuvenated the old log farmhouse in a way that respects its bones and heritage, but they also also been crucial in converting the original first-floor room into a modern kitchen, preserving the integrity of the original hand-hewn logs.


Larry also built a freestanding fiber studio for Gwen, which was also designed to be a guest cottage. Larry's artistic eye is at its best when he is working with wood. He is a master of salvaged materials, such as chestnut wood from old barns. Larry and Gwen often sit on the porch in the evening and admire Larry's beautiful gardens, which come alive in so many different ways as the seasons progress.